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Adams Canyon


We acknowledge that this trail is located on the traditional territories of Eastern Shoshone and Goshute.


This little gem outside Kaysville, UT is a great trail for all seasons. The trail starts at a paved parking lot and guides you through the canyon to a remote waterfall. We love the variety of experiences this trail gives with its creekside location, shady tree coverage, bridge crossings, curvy turns and a waterfall at the end. Dogs are also allowed to use this trail :-)


Though there is plenty of parking, this is one of the most popular hikes in Davis County, so be prepared to see some other folks on the trail! There were lots of pups off leash, so please leash up if your dog doesn’t get along with others. If hiking in the winter, we highly recommend spikes and/or poles. Be prepared for a lil butt sliding ;-) The trail is fairly moderate but there are some steeper sections, including the final 0.25 miles or so before the waterfall. There are several smaller "false falls" leading up to the final large falls, so make sure to keep going until the end for the grand finale!


We hiked this twice—both in the Fall and Winter seasons. The autumn leaves were spectacular as well as the icy waterfall in the snow.  The trail is shaded a lot of the way, so could make for a lovely summer morning/evening hike as well.

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