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Cecret Lake


We acknowledge that this trail is located on the traditional territories of Núu-agha-tʉvʉ-pʉ̱ (Ute) and Eastern Shoshone.


It's quick and easy, has amazing wildflowers with a magical lake and beautiful views. What more could we ask for!


There are two ways you can get to Cecret Lake, and it depends on how long you’d like to hike and if the roads are open.Drive up to the Cecret Lake trailhead. There will be a parking lot up at the trailhead and you will have to pay an entrance fee to get up there. This is a very popular trail, so many times you will have to wait in line to get up there when the parking lot is full. During peak season, there will also sometimes be a shuttle that you can pay for that will take you up to the trail head when the parking is full or the road is closed.


The alternative when the parking lot is full or the road is closed is starting your hike from the base. This way will be 4.5 miles round trip instead of 1.7, but if you have the time, it’s worth it. Especially during the summer when Albion Basin is full of wildflowers. If you're interested in this route click here.


Albion Basin is most stunning toward the end of the summer when the wildflowers are at their peak. So the best time to go is late July / early August, but the area is green and beautiful all summer. If you go earlier you’ll also catch some unmelted snow.As with most hikes, weekends are the busiest. If you can swing a week day you’ll get a less busy trail. This is one of our favorites to do after work on a week day to catch the sunset.

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