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The Bridesmaid Falls


We acknowledge that this trail is located on the traditional territory of Núu-agha-tʉvʉ-pʉ̱ (Ute).


The Bridesmaid Falls are lesser known than their best friend Bridal Veil, but just as pretty, and gets your blood pumping more on a trail then it would on a paved walkway ;) (we still love you Bridal Veil). We love the views of Timp from the trail, and there is something enchanting about watching the little cars drive up the winding canyon road as you ascend up the trail to find the falls hidden around the corner.


The beginning of the trail can be a little tricky. You’ll walk along a paved walkway to start, and then make a right turn onto the trail that’s a little hidden. Stick to the AllTrails map for that right turn and you’ll be fine. The rest of the trail is pretty easy to follow, but make sure to stick to the map when other forks in the road come up.


You can hike The Bridesmaids year round! The summer time is an obvious choice and a beautiful one, but you also won’t want to miss it in the winter as it freezes. If you go in the winter, make sure you have spikes for your hiking boots and have checked for any avalanche warnings. Safety first! Provo Canyon is also mind blowing in the fall. So really any season is a good one to check on The Bridesmaids (except maybe early early spring when the snow is melted and things are still dead….)

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